7 Reasons You Need To Update Your WordPress, Right Now … In English!

New WordPress version has been released! So what?

That is about how many people running WordPress look at the new releases. Why? Because a lot of the info that comes with the announcement is too technical and many just do not see how it is relevant to them in any way. So they just ignore it.

Unfortunately, EVERY SINGLE WordPress needs to be updated EVERY SINGLE TIME a new update is released. Those that do not, frequently suffer attacks, hacks and un-restorable damage to their websites. I deal with clients that have this happen all the time, and most of the time the reason they get hacked is NOT UPDATING THEIR STUFF!

I went through the info about the new update and so here it is in English. It is important, don't ignore it.


Why You Must Update Your WordPress to 4.4 Right Now!

  1. The first and the most important reason that you need to update your WordPress right now is because, lack of regular updates is the number one reason websites that run WordPress get attacked and damaged.

    Keeping it updated closes many doorways that hackers and viruses find in old versions. Same goes with Plugins, update them to latest versions often. Use a plugin like Wordfence to protect and monitor the site from attacks.

    Just go to Plugins in your WP-ADMIN, click Add New and search for "Wordfence". Install it and it will walk you through the setup. It is FREE so now you have no excuses!

  2. Responsive images! What is that? With new gadgets coming out on what looks like daily basis, the screen technology keeps evolving.

    Today a small iPhone has the same amount of pixels that an older 17" desktop monitor had. How they squeezed the in there is beyond me but fact is, images that look normal on a computer, look blurry on devises with retina screens. Reason is that retina screens have twice as many pixles and they stretch the images to fit, and this is why they look blurry.

    The solution is to provide 2 images for every image on a website, one normal and one that is twice the size - high definition image. The browser displaying the website will then make a decision which image to display.

    This is where the new WordPress 4.4 comes in. You upload a large image and WordPress will manage the sizing and serve the 2 image sizes to the browser for it to display the appropriate one. You just sit back and enjoy as technology gives you a back massage and fetches you a Coke.

    If you need more technical info, you'll find all you need here.

  3. Better oEmbeds! ... Huh? You know how you can paste a YouTube Video URL into a blog post and WordPress will automatically display a video player with this video ready to play? You did know you can do that right?

    Well anyway, you can, and now with this new update, you will be able to do the same thing for content from Cloudup, Reddit Comments, ReverbNation, Speaker Deck, and VideoPress. Neat ha? I know, I can't keep my excitement in either.

    Rumor is, they are working on more of these, including the ability to embed other WordPress blog posts by simply pasting a URL.

  4. No major WordPress update goes without a new default theme, this time Twenty Sixteen. Many people are expressing their disappointment with the simplicity and boringness of this one.

    I like to look at it like this, this simple theme only looks simple, it is focused on text-based blogging, duh. But it packs all the latest technology and lightning speeds. This theme is a great base to build a custom child theme on.

  5. The luxury of using apps on the phone is taken for granted these days, but until this WordPress update, we did not have an official way to mess with WordPress database from an external place like an app, to pull and search posts, update users and all kinds of other cool stuff.

    Today, we have REST API! This is just a way to send and receive requests to the database from an external location. This is great for app builders and WordPress users that need to use an app that requires REST API.

  6. Comments form is better organized with the comment field located at the top instead of the bottom, and then followed with name, email and website. This just feels right ... makes me want to leave a comment. 😉

  7. Media uploads, like PDF files and other files that you may want to share with your readers, now support search engine friendly "pretty" permalinks.

    Before: http://domain.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/somefile.pdf
    Now: http://domain.com/somefile

    Sooo pretty!

But really, reason #1 is the only and is the CRITICAL reason you need to update your WordPress right now. The rest of them are just perks you get if you are being a responsible blogger.

The reason I say that you must do it right now is because you are now done reading this post and if you don't do it now, you will forget and the next time you think about this may be too late!

I hope this was in English enough that it was easy to understand what the new WordPress update is all about. Let me know if you have any questions in the comments!

Valik Rudd

Valik is an entrepreneur, blogger and a web designer. He has been in this industry since 2000 and has been learning and researching blogging since 2007. Read his stuff, you may learn a thing or two.

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