Here Is Why You Should NOT Quit Blogging

I know, after a few weeks or months, you get to a point where you forget the real reasons why you started your blog.

This happens to all of us.

Before the money comes in, which will keep us motivated, we need something else that will keep us going. That's the nature of blogging, you have to keep your self motivated and remind your self why you started the blog in the first place, until money coming from the blog will kick in and take over the motivation.


Remember that every day that you write a blog post, you get closer and closer to reaching your goal of having a blog that makes you free. Yes, blogging is slowly but surely, one post at a time, setting you free. Once you get to a point where your blog is getting lots of traffic, you will have a way to bring in money independent of what you are doing.

You will no longer trade time for money, you will now have a revenue stream that feeds it self while you are sleeping or laying on a beach somewhere.

There are so many bloggers out there that are making a very comfortable living working only a couple of hours a day blogging.

  • They spend more time with their families
  • They are able to watch their kids grow up
  • They can take off for a vacation any time they want
  • They actually live their lives, not live to work

The freedom you get when you reach your goal is unlike anything you will ever get from a job.

Keep Yourself Inspired

This is the key to keep blogging and making this thing work, keep your self motivated! Every day!

I like to follow other bloggers that are already successful, and watch what they do, pick up tips and write down ideas that you can use on your blog. Follow their personal blogs to see what they do with their free time. Dreaming is not bad, it helps you visualize your goals.

Read about blogging, A LOT! Read blogs, articles and books, anything you can get your hands on that is about blogging. Just make sure it is not outdated information, because that can get you in trouble.

There are many books about blogging out there, but there are two I really recommend reading and they are ProBlogger by Darren Rowse and Click Millionaires by Scott Fox. These books will teach you the ins and outs of blogging business as well as other valuable lessons and will inspire you to build your blog.

Another book that is one of my favorites, even though it is not directly about blogging but about the way of thinking as a free entrepreneur, is The 4-Hour Workweek by Timothy Ferriss. It will teach you to think like a entrepreneur that is focused on freeing self and enjoying life and not growing that profit every year with sweat, blood and tears.

Also it is important to NOT make this blogging thing into a source of stress. Make it fun for your self, blog about something you love talking about. Teach others something you know how to do, even if you are not an expert, you know more than someone else. There are always people out there that want to learn what you already know. Teach them, show them how to do it.

I already mentioned this to you in a previous post, but here it is again, a quote from John Chow, the blogger that earns $40,000 PER MONTH or something crazy like that. Here is what he says:

"Do you know that Blogging goes beyond waking up every morning and hitting hard on your keyboard? There are priceless benefits, and over and over again, young millionaires emerge who generate decent income blogging. That blog of yours has the potential to make you rich. Period!"

I actually have this quote hanging on my computer screen to remind me every day why I am doing this. Find something that will inspire you every day, or however often you choose to blog.

If you stick to it, you have a great future to look forward to.

Your Homework For Today

Find something that inspires you to blog regularly and tell me about it, so we can all share our inspiration and inspire each other. Leave a comment below with your favorite source of inspiration. I would love to hear what makes you blog.


Valik Rudd

Valik is an entrepreneur, blogger and a web designer. He has been in this industry since 2000 and has been learning and researching blogging since 2007. Read his stuff, you may learn a thing or two.


  1. Like I said in the post, I keep John Chow’s quote on my desktop as well as read blogging books. I am still reading the Click Millionaire book right now and I just love it, it’s really insightful and talks a lot about building the blog into an income powerhouse. How do you keep your self motivated?

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