How to Catch and Keep your readers with “Catchy” Blog Titles

If you've done any marketing or blogging at all, you will agree with me that one of the biggest challenges is to come up with a "catchy" title.

These one-liners are what brings the readers in. They will either spark curiosity or will blend in with the rest of the noise on the web. We obviously want the spark.

Catchy titles are like a worm on the fisherman's hook. We want it to look de-licious!

So how do I come up with these "catchy" titles? It all begins with the meat and potatoes - well I mean the content, the post it self.


Catchy Titles Begin With The Content

I begin by writing the post first. When it is all done, then I go over it and see what is so awesome about this post, what benefit will it deliver if someone reads it? This is the key! If you just come up with a catchy title about making money online but the blog post is about how you spent your weekend black-friday shopping, all you are going to get is a bunch of unhappy visitors that will think twice about visiting your site again.

It is not just about catching the readers it is just as important to deliver what you are promising them. Your ultimate goal is not to get a one-time reader, you want to catch them, teach them and keep them as long time readers.

Once the content is written, figure out what the information you are providing going to do for your reader. Remember that when someone is shopping for a drill bit, they are actually buying a perfect hole. So you need to sell them the result. This actually opens up a lot of room for creativity, so get creative.

This post for instance is about writing catchy blog titles and I first was going to title this post "How to create 'Catchy' blog titles", but then after working on it a bit I decided on "How to Catch and Keep your readers with Catchy Blog Titles". This is more on par with what I am talking about here and is a lot more specific than just catchy titles.

Minding the Keywords in Blog Post Titles

Yes, keywords are important. I must say that researching the keywords when you are designing the blog post title is probably a little too late. It needs to be done before you begin writing the post, because you want to make sure that your post covers the keyword topic first. Once that is done, they using the keyword in your title will be pretty easy.

Keep The Reader In Mind

Ultimately it all comes down to delivering useful information for your reader. Remember to appeal to the reader. Learn as much as you can about them. Develop your reader avatar so you can always refer to him or her for advise. Knowing who your reader is will make it so much easier to deliver what they need and in turn they will keep coming back for more.

Valik Rudd

Valik is an entrepreneur, blogger and a web designer. He has been in this industry since 2000 and has been learning and researching blogging since 2007. Read his stuff, you may learn a thing or two.

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