Here Is How To Pick Your Blog Niche Topic

This post is about picking a niche for your blog based on your surroundings, interests and existing knowledge, or something new you may be interested in learning. This is not an analytically-based niche search, which you can read about here. Today, we just want to figure out what you naturally can start blogging about right away. I would recommend reading the Picking An Analytically-Based Blogging Niche For Bigger Profits article I wrote, to give your blogging the best chance to profits, but before you do that, let's explore your natural blogging topics.  Are you ready? Let's get into it.


We will take a look at skills and knowledge you already have that you can dip into and start teaching people about. There are always others out there that are interested in the same topic that you are interested in, and so there is an audience out there for pretty much anything you can think of. We will also see if there are any skills you could be interested in learning, which you can track on your blog and others in the same place you are can learn from your notes.

After you get through this post, you should have a good idea whether you want to blog about something like this or you want to go for a more analytically-based niche, which can very profitable but not as fun as the natural one, and you could get burned out on it if you are not very disciplined and will not be able to keep your self creating new posts on regular basis.

Blogging About Your Surroundings & Randomness

There is a trend right now with Mommy-blogs, they get popular because other moms want to see how other moms do it. They pick up tips and encouragement from other moms. This is a good example of blogging about your surroundings. People blog about their lives, comment on the trending events in the world, their work and all kinds of other stuff.

If you choose to go with this type of niche, you can start right away and just make notes as you go through your day about things you want to write about. If you decide to write every day, there should be  one or two things that happened in your day that you can share with your readers. If you are posting once or twice a week you can collect your notes and pick the best topic out of them to write about.

Taking good quality photos is always a good plus, people live to look at pictures. Adding photos to your blog, not only enhances your work and brings it to life, but also helps you increase traffic. Google has an image search in their search engine, which ranks photos and all kinds of images separately from their main search. Your photos may rank a lot better than the post the photo is sitting on, because the competition is different in the image search. People searching for images will click on your photo and will get directed to your blog. You do not need an expensive camera for this, using your phone's camera will do just fine.

Here are some examples of this types of random, personal blogs:

Making Money From A Random/Personal Blog

The best and easiest way to have a revenue stream from a personal blog, that does not really focus on any specific niche, is banner ads. Placing banner ads on your site from Google AdSense or other ads suppliers is very simple and can make you money as long as you have traffic to your site. The amount of money you will make depends on the size of traffic you are receiving. When the blog gets popular and it's traffic grows, you can approach companies specifically and work out advertising deals. This is how you make big money off a blog like this.

Blogging About Your Interests, Hobbies and Existing Knowledge

Blogging about something you already know or are interested in is another good way to focus your blog on a niche. This way you have a better chance of becoming an authority on the subject. If you write about a single topic or a series of related topics, your readers will look at you as authority in this field. You will have the privilege to recommend products and services to your readers. This is the best type of blog you can have naturally, without going with a analytically-based type of niche.

If you have a hobby that you have been into for many years, or have a skill that you know a lot about, you can share your knowledge with your readers. This is the type of blog you are reading right now. I know a lot about blogging and this is the niche I chose to blog about, because I can create content from my knowledge and I am confident about it's accuracy. When you read this information, you know that you are getting it from someone that knows what he is talking about. This puts me in an authority position on this topic. When I recommend some products or services in the future posts, when we get into building your blog and marketing it, you will know that I am recommending it because I have had great experience with it. I would not recommend anything I have not tried my self.

Images on this kind of a blog do not need to be excessive, just to illustrate the post and to get it into the search engines. This is why I use one image per post, I buy it from a stock photography site called 123rf.com, then I edit it by adding some text to it using Photoshop. It's simple but works great for what it's suppose to do, which is, illustrate the post and get indexed by the search engines.

If you need to create a video for a blog post, make sure to transcribe it into your post in addition to adding the video. This is good for the search engines as they can't really watch the video and know what it is about. Upload your videos to your YouTube channel first and then embed them into your blog post.

Here are some examples of this types of niche focused blogs:

Making Money From A Niche Type Blog

This opens up a wide range of monetization options, like affiliate marketing which we already talked about. In addition to affiliate marketing, you can use the banner ads to advertise affiliate products or just relevant ads from places like AdSense and etc., and you have a variety of options for selling your own products and services.

Blogging As You Learn

Has there been something you've always wanted to learn to do? Play guitar, learn a new language, learn to cook? This is a great way to get you to commit to learning this new skill and at the same time invest in the future by creating a blog about it as you go through the learning process. Others that are interested in the same thing will be glued to your blog, reading the steps you went through to learn this skill.

You don't have to be a professional or an authority in the field to blog about it. You just need to be a few steps ahead of the readers and this puts you into the teaching position. Remember the teacher's aides in high school? They were not teachers, but they knew the material better than the class, maybe they were a grade higher than the class and that gave them the authority to teach on some subject. Same here, you are learning and writing about it, about something cool you have learned or discovered. Your audience will love learning these things from you.

Another great type of blog that would fit into this category is a travel blog. This is where you discover new places, new things and you document them in the blog. Travel blogs are very popular, especially if you take many photos and give as much detail as possible.

When it comes to images in this type of blog, it is completely up to you what you want to do, but know that good images always bring better results. Don't go all out and buy a new camera, just take simple photos with your phone, or buy stock photos to illustrate your point from a stock photos site like 123rf.com. If you are doing a travel blog, I highly recommend taking good photos of the places you travel to.

You will find that in some cases you may need to record a video to explain some aspect of your material and for this I recommend uploading your video directly to your YouTube channel and then embedding the video into your blog post.

Here are a few blogs that are examples of this:

Making Money From A Learning Type Of Blog

Monetizing a blog like this would best be done using banner ads. In many cases, affiliate products would work well when you recommend products to your readers, products that you have found very useful for what you are doing.

When you decide what your calling is and figure out what type of a blog you want to start, go out and find related blogs out there and see what they are doing, what types of blog posts are they writing? What is their tone of voice, how are they using the images, how are they monetizing their blogs. You will find all kinds of great ideas from spending a few hours browsing your competitors blogs.

What Is Your Blog Type?

This was a long post and there was lots for you to think about. You should have an idea where you fit in from these 3 categories of blogs. You either have a skill or knowledge of a topic that you can start blogging about right away, you have something that you have wanted to learn for the longest time that this would be a great opportunity for you to start, or you would just want to blog about random stuff that is going on around you. You should be able to place your self within these 3 types of blogs.

Make a list of 5 skills and/or topics of knowledge that you have, then make a list of 5 things you would like to learn. Grade them all from 1 to 10, with 10 being the most appealing and figure out what your type of blog is. If nothing seems appealing enough to be  above 7, you should probably start a random blog.

Remember, it's not WHAT you blog about, it's that you BLOG REGULARLY.

The next post I recommend you read is Picking An Analytically-Based Blogging Niche For Bigger Profits.

Any Questions?

If you have any questions, please write them in the comments and I will do my best to answer as promptly as I can.

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