How To Grow Blog Traffic Using Other Peoples Lists

Depending on what niche your blog is in, generating traffic may be easier in some niches than others. The key, either way, is to let as many people as you can about your blog. You can use Facebook, Google+ or other social sites, you can use ads and all kinds of other methods we've discussed before. Today though, I want to talk about using other people's lists to bring in more traffic and readers.


What are other people's lists? It is email lists that other bloggers, and ezine or newsletter publishers have accumulated over years of doing whatever it is that they do. You can tap into their list of customers, readers, or members and tell them about your stuff. It usually costs very little compared to other advertising methods, so it is a very good thing to do for any niche.

To find these lists, all you need to do is a bit of Google searches. Search for something like:

<your keyword> ezine
<your keyword> newsletter
<your keyword> blog

Then contact those websites owners using their contact form, or if one is not available, you can try sending an email to something like support@<their domain>, info@<their domain> or admin@<their domain>.

Just ask them if they would sell you a "solo ad". If they sell solo ads, they will tell you what to do. If they do not sell solo ads, or do not know what a solo ad is, you can just tell them that you are interested in sending an email to their list about a blog post that you have just posted, that would be very interesting to them. Don;t forget to mention that you are willing to pay a small fee for that.

Many list owners have their list for exactly this purpose, so don't feel bad asking for it. Just make sure that the topic of their newsletter, ezine or blog is related to what you are blogging about.

Good luck and until next time.

~ Valik

Valik Rudd

Valik is an entrepreneur, blogger and a web designer. He has been in this industry since 2000 and has been learning and researching blogging since 2007. Read his stuff, you may learn a thing or two.

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