Who is Valik Rudd?


Valik Rudd is a blogger and he has created this blog to help others start blogging and ultimately, make extra money from it.

Blogging is a way to share your story with others, it is a way to teach others something that you know, it is a way to connect with others that have similar interests. Making money from it is a nice bonus that can become your full-time income and more.

There are many that would love to start a blog, but do not know where to begin. This is where ValikRudd.com comes in. Valik will teach you what you need to know, step by step.

More about Valik

Entrepreneur, Blogger, Web Designer and just a really nice guy. Valik has been blogging and running all kinds of niche websites for many years. He has spent lot's and lot's of money researching and testing various online money-making methods and has learned crazy amounts of things about this industry. With all this, he has not became a millionaire yet, not because the knowledge he has does not work but because, like most people looking to make money online, he has a day job and a family that require his time. Everything always comes before blogging, there is never time to do this and take it through all the way.

Valik has started a web design blog in 2007 and has blogged on it for 3 months straight, every day and then less and less but still was able to create a post per week or every 2 weeks for a full year. The traffic increased and the blog grew but the income was not really growing as well as Valik hoped. The blog had some traffic but the ads were not being clicked as often as you would expect. The blog grew well but because as Valik researched new ways to bring in traffic and testing all kinds of monetization methods like selling links from the blog, the blog has gotten hit by all kinds of penalties from Google and the traffic started to decrease.

About two to three years after starting this blog, Valik has realized that there is no point continuing to grow it because it is ruined and the web design market is not such a good market to have a blog in with this business model. Valik lost interest and quit posting any new content on it and let it just sit there. The blog has lost a lot of it's traffic but is still hanging around and getting regular visitors and is making a few bucks every month without Valik adding anything to it for over a year now.

About two years ago, Valik started a health blog while he was doing a juice fasting and raw food diet. He posted every day and created videos that he added to YouTube. This blog grew and was receiving a bunch of traffic but after Valik was done with his diet and unfortunately fell of the wagon and quit posting on it. This became yet another failure for him. This is why you should find something you are passionate about and blog about that. If you blog about something just because it's a popular topic, you will find it to be a "job" and you will come to hate it and will fail.

These two blog were just a fraction of all kinds of other websites Valik has tested things with and with all this knowledge, he has made a decision to start this blog about Blogging, to create a step-by-step guide to creating a blog that makes money, just as he goes on to finally take this blog through all the way. Blogging is something that Valik has been passionate about for years and he can talk about it for hours and not get tired. Find something you can talk about for hours, something you are fascinated with and start blogging about it. Even if you don't have anything you are passionate about, find something you would like to lean more about and start recording your findings on a blog and teach other people about it as you learn your self.

Ready? Lets get into it, click here to read Valik's blog.