Abby Lawson Raking In $18,000 per Month Blogging

Here is another inspiring story for you about a blogger named Abby Lawson that started her blog JustaGirlAndHerBlog.com back in January of 2013. This blog is about style, organization, home decor and other related things. Basically she expresses her interests through this blog, and makes a great income. Here is how she does it...


Abby's blog took off quickly, within 15 months she was up to 4,800 subscribers and over 200,000 page views per month. The reason for the blogs success? It is quality content. She spends time on every one of her blog posts and it pays off.

By February 2014, the blog started making over $2,000 per month. and by January 2015, it was up over $12,000 per month. In September 2015 the blog brought in over $18,000. Check out the income reports here.

The Takeaway

What was done that is different to grow her blog like this? Consistent hard work. Every night between 8pm and 12am, Abby worked on sculpting her posts, scheduling social media posts, building relationships with her "competitors", which she is on friendly terms with. They help each other by networking and participating in various social groups. Consistency is the "secret" that everyone is looking for... those that stick with it, win.

One gem I found from one of her interviews is after she schedules her blog post, she uses a tool called ViralTag to schedule her Pinterest pins ahead of time for a month or two, so ViralTag does all the work and she doesn't have to go back and worry about sharing and pinning her stuff after it goes live.

She also said that she is a member of many different group boards on Pinterest and she shares her posts on these boards one per day or so over a period of a month or two, well ViralTag does it for her. This is where a lot of her traffic comes from. These group boards have many people that subscribe to them and this brings in very relevant traffic.

To find these boards, she said that browsing through other related blogs, you can find what boards they are a member of and can join them too. Googling and browsing through Pinterest is another way to find these related group boards.

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So, are you psyched up to get working on your blog? No time to waist, do it now, and stay consistent ... define your goal and focus on it.

Let me know if you have any questions about any of this in the comments and I will do my best to answer.

Valik Rudd

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